The Smart Sale
The aim of any sale for the seller and their agent is to maximise the final sale price, with minimal risk for the seller and within the agreed time frame. The aim for the buyer? Find the right property at the right price without having to navigate the deception of false pricing and spending money for no result.

For both the property seller and buyer, simplicity leads to good outcomes, and simplicity is the hallmark of The Smart Sale.

There are 8 components to a Smart Sale, all working in concert with each other.

  1. The Choice of Agent

Make no mistake, the ability of the agent you select will have a huge influence over the final price you receive.  The average gain from having the right agent working for you is $20,000.  Equally, this is the typical financial loss in the hands of the wrong agent.

  1. Method of Sale

There are sale methods recommended by agents that were designed to expose the seller’s lowest price and facilitate an easier sale. They sneakily benefit the agent whilst robbing money from the seller. The Smart Sale method protects the seller from financial risk and guarantees the highest price.

  1. Price

Advertising property without a price not only puts off buyers but often ends up under selling a home with a huge financial loss for the seller. The Smart Sale carefully researches an accurate price which is always protected and often exceeded by highly trained, skilled negotiators.

  1. Marketing

Thousands of dollars in equity vanish everyday through unnecessary and expensive advertising and poor pricing tactics.  What is appropriate for you? The Smart Sale includes a unique proactive marketing approach that regularly finds the buyer who will pay a higher price.

  1. Inspections

A good inspection is so much more than simply opening your house for strangers; an approach that exposes your property to theft and typically under sells your home. The Smart Sale determines the best qualified buyers, provides secure inspections giving buyers a much better experience whilst ensuring the best conditions for a successful negotiation.

  1. Negotiation

An integrated negotiation strategy is essential in achieving the best result possible.  Successful negotiation starts much earlier than people realise, before your potential buyer has even seen your house.

  1. Costs

Hiring a bad agent costs a lot more than just their selling fee. The right agent adds tens of thousands to your bottom line.

  1. Guarantee

If an agent is not prepared to guarantee their service, why offer it?


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