Asset Management

The Edwards Windsor Commercial Asset Management Department comprises a team of experienced personnel, applying a hands on approach to the day to day management of all types of commercial property.

Our team of people are critical to our collective success.

The Commercial Asset Management Department’s aim is to provide clients with the highest level of expertise and to continue on as one of Tasmania’s leading providers of Commercial Asset Management Services.

The department’s point of difference is to focus as a team, be proactive, use professional documentation and achieve a high level of knowledge and technical skills in order to consistently deliver measurable benefits to clients.

Our management and leasing team of experienced personnel will ensure consistent, reliable performance.

We utilise ‘Manhattan CMS Property and REST Professional. This software system is arguably the best mid-size system available today, and is subject to regular enhancement, thereby offering total flexibility to satisfy the reporting requirements of owners and tenants.

We believe we have a state-of-the-art system with top-of-the-line benefits. No other Tasmanian Property Manager can match our systems.

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