Emma Evans

Emma Evans

Asset Manager

Emma has a diverse professional background in the car rental industry, where she gained experience in various roles such as detailing, customer service, and ultimately as a Claims Officer, managing the Claims Department for Tasmania and Australia. In this role, she acquired valuable knowledge in areas such as cars, insurance, customer service, dispute resolution, and administration. Emma also developed strong communication skills, connecting with people from around the globe.

Outside of her professional life, Emma finds joy in spending time with her daughter and dog. She engages in various activities, including day trips around Tasmania, camping, and enjoying the outdoors. Additionally, Emma and her family have fun perfecting their skills at activities like mini golf and claw machines.

Emma is passionate about her career in real estate and sees it as her dream job. Her goal is to continue thriving and learning in the field. She appreciates being part of a supportive work environment and values the camaraderie with her colleagues, making her work experience truly enjoyable. Emma is enthusiastic about the prospect of progressing her career in real estate and is dedicated to achieving success in her chosen profession.

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